Excellent Facilities

Kennels9 is a Dog boarding facility that gives your dog all the love, care and attention it needs when you are in out of the station with the same love and affection.

Regular Exercising

Kennels9 constantly maintaining your dog to make sure they are at the correct level of exercise with excercising regularly..

Premium Kennels

Make more bookings with the easiest and first online kennel. We provides kennels with a lot of variety and at very reasonable prices.

Customised Feeding

Prepared pet food is the great way to feed your pet, Offering sufficient food types, Varieties available to choose the food that best suits your pet.

Professional Grooming

Our grooming services include bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning and etc. Prices vary depending on the services requested. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable.

Veterinary Care

Our Dog veterinary services are keeping pets/dogs healthy. Our aim is to provide the highest quality in Dog veterinary medical care. We genuinely care about your Dogs.