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Grooming & bathing


Brush your Dog teeth regularly is a great way to keep his gums and teeth healthier and clean.

Trimming Fur

Dog trimming is very important for the comfort and health of the Dog. We use regular Dog trimming to make sure that your dog looking like a vibrant and stylish.

Cleaning Ears

With regular ear cleaning for dogs you make sure that your dog remains healthy and safe from any infections that can be painful or damaging in his hearing.

Clipping Toenails

It is important to keep your Dog nail trimmed. Trimming your dog's nails regularly can help to prevent damage caused by scratching. We keep your Dog clean and comfort by clipping the nails.


We offer full services of Grooming and Bathing for dogs. Bathing your dog will keep him looking and feeling fresh and Clean.

Drying Off

By drying your dog quickly you can make your dog comfortable and protect surroundings from wet shake off. We use different drying methods depending on specific Dog / Pets needs.