Dog Training Services

Basic Skills

Kennels9 training is ranging from basics such as teaching the dogs to respond to basic comands like come, come back,go,sit etc to high level competition.

Group Classes

Group class for Dogs is the best way for owners to develop basic skills while entertaining their dog with a new people and dogs.

In Home Training

Our Home Dog training services provide solutions to your dog behaviour problems. We focus on training the dog owner on how to understand their behaviour and train their dog themselves.

Evaluations Pet Care

Kennels9 provides pet care services. Our dedicated professionals make sure to receive your pet all the love and attention in your absence.

Special Spa Treatment

​Choose a location

Location is vital for your comfort still as your dog’s. opt for an area that provides you a surface on that to figure together with your dog before and once his bathtub. For atiny low breed, you'll simply use any kind of table or additional work house in a very laundry space, if you don’t have a grooming table.

Prepare your dog

Brush out the dog’s coat. This step is vital for dogs with long hair. If you come upon a mat, and you possible can, use a dematter tool to assist take away it. Gently clean within your dog’s ears, employing a very little oil on a towel.

​Brush his teeth

A clean dog desires a clean mouth. This step is best done before bathing. Apply the dentifrice to the comb, carry one facet of the dog’s jowls, insert the toothbrush and brush his teeth. consider the outer sides of the teeth within the back of the mouth initial, then move forward.

Clip and file nails

This can be through with nail clippers designed for humans. you'll conjointly file down your dog’s nails with an electrical nail grinder or maybe an individual's nail file. watch out to not get too near the short, the soft inner a part of the nail that contains blood vessels and tender nerve endings.

Dog Day Care

Health & Care

Dogs are natural swimmers, right? really, no they aren’t! Dogs instinctively tread water if they fall in — it’s referred to as dog paddling – however that isn’t identical as knowing a way to swim. That’s why all dogs got to be properly introduced to water.

Training & Behaviour

Builds the muse of reliable obedience commands like sit, leave it, returning once referred to as and walking nicely on a leash. Your trainer will address behavior problems that you simply have, whether or not it’s potty coaching or mastication, excavation or barking, they will assist you with any issues you're having.


Raw foods might sound foreign or slightly discouraging, however they don’t got to be. In fact, there ar completely different reminder raw diets pet folks will select. Learn if going raw with prepackaged foods will facilitate nourish your pet’s distinctive diet or life style desires.

Fun & Fashion

Capturing vacation recollections through photography may be a natural a part of your seasonal celebrations. however obtaining that image good moment along with your pet are often a bit tricky—they might have a brief span, be perpetually on the move or just camera keep.